Shanghai DNK New Materials Technology

Quality Assurance


For DNK, excellent quality is the main factor to create long-term customer relationships. Therefore, the company is process-oriented and strictly follows EN/AS 9100 standards throughout the entire value chain, thus producing reliable products for our customers in a repeatable manner.

Quality means for us to perform excellently and exceed customer’s expectations. DNK copes with various industrial and product-related requirements but knows as well that every customer is unique. Therefore, our quality assurance begins by communicating with the customer to understand the customer’s needs and requirements.


The required molds are manufactured at our factory with the help of 3D printing technology and highly accurate CNC machines which allow us to minimize quality risks and to react fast and flexibly on customers’ requirements.

Our steel molds are the best choice to produce constant quality also at large quantities. Furthermore, having the machines in-house, we are also able to efficiently apply corrections or changes to the tools

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Material Handling

Proper material handling is essential in order to produce flawless products. This includes thorough documentation, supplier selection, material selection, material inspection and adequate storage.

We select and audit our material suppliers conscientiously in order to ensure a stable process. Moreover, we independently conduct substantial tests beyond the suppliers’ test reports.
Our materials are stored and monitored in dedicated rooms that provide the required climatic conditions.


The crucial process step of manual lay-up of the carbon fiber layers takes place in controlled clean rooms to protect the product from any contamination and to assure that the raw materials are used within their specifications. The DNK workers are well-trained and
wearing suitable working gear including gloves.

Apart from carbon fiber, DNK is experienced in using other composites such as glass fiber as well as core systems like foams, honeycomb, and releasable cores that can be combined with carbon fiber.

In order to ensure stable product quality all our machines and instruments are being calibrated and checked on a yearly basis. The instructions of the design department are followed step by step. Moreover, every product is tracked throughout the manufacturing process.

DNK Processes

Final Testing & Conformity Check

When manufacturing, we inspect the first sample (FAI) for compliance with the engineering requirements and design. We use non-destructive (NDT) as well as destructive (DT) methods to guarantee that the manufactured part fulfills the requirements.

Quality gates, quality control, and adequate employee training are standard success criteria in our manufacturing process. To increase our level of quality continuously, we measure, label, and track every product coming out of our manufacturing facilities. This allows us to learn which procedures perform best and to provide the best support to our customers.

At the end of the manufacturing process, the products are tested with our professional and accurate in-house testing equipment and with the support of professional testing agencies like SGS as well as laboratories of local universities.