Shanghai DNK New Materials Technology

– Since 2009 –


Our Technology

Production of hot-melt epoxy resin, includes aerospace flame retardant series, high TG series, rabid hardening series and waterpood anti-corrosion series

Testing Capabilities

Established a sound research center, advanced experiential and testing facilities

Development & Manufacturing

DNK has a team of composite material experts focusing on the development of special resin & composite prepregs. In order to further improve the performance of the product, we introduced advanced equipment for the production of resin as well as coating. DNK offers unique conditions for development & production

Service Platform

Our experienced team will assists industry users in the technical challenges of carbon fiber composite applications



Experience & Capacity

We deliver high quality carbon fiber products & services. Currently our manufacturing capasity is up to 5000 parts/month. Our experience concerning serial production of carbon fiber products is over 11 years

Economical Perspective

Our process is at a very mature level. Moreover, compared to Europe and America, China still has substantial advantages in terms of costs, in particular, when it comes to specific manufacturing work – just like the manufacturing carbon fiber products.

Material Supply

Majority carbon fiber raw material producers are based in Asia or in the process of locating facilities to Asia. Also, raw material producers in China are expected to play an important role in the future. DNK benefits tremendously from the proximity of Asian suppliers. We select materials cautiously with regards to environmentally solutions.

Research & Development

Shanghai does not only offer a very international environment and attract talents from all over China and beyond which is a strategical success factor for our organization. It provides us access to an excellent universities and research centers in order to keep up with latest technological development.


The cosmopolitan city provides an excellent infrastructure to deliver goods fast, save and convenient between suppliers and customers all over the globe. Therefore, our customers benefit from a decreased lead-time.

Trust and confidence

Establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships with satisfied customers is our goal. The basis for this goal is open communication, which prerequisite is mutual trust. We pay utmost attention to confidentiality and every customer case is secured through confidentiality agreement.

Valuable Partners & Network

DNK is member of European composites association CFK Valley, based in Germany. The CFK-Valley was founded in 2004 primarily through the initiative of Airbus group and connects more than 100 leading companies and institutes with regards to carbon fiber technology. DNK benefits from the technological exchanges in order to develop to processes toward highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Culture & Values


Strong company are built with truthful, hardworking and reliable people.


Our Goal is to produce the best quality products with the highest standards.


Our team is working together with the clients to achieve new height.


DNK is committed to excellence by strictly following the industrial standards of ISO 9001, AS9100 & CE regulations.